From The Heart Of The Rabbis

Rabbis Scott and Rabbin Deborah Brandt

Daily Teaching and Instructions To Help You In Your Daily Walk

August 1 Are You Ready for ResTORAHation?
August 2 Chazak! Be Courageous!
August 3 Your Never To Young
August 4 Cursing Vs Honoring Parents
August 5 Seek Him
August 6 Adonai Is My Strength
August 7 Building His Kingdom
August 8 I Cried To You For Help
August 9 Proclaim A Fast
August 10 Sexual Purity
August 11 Fast,Weep,Pray
August 12 You Are My Hiding Place
August 13 He Is Worthy To Be Praised
August 14 For In Him Our Heart Rejoices
August 15 Do Not Make The Same Mistakes
August 16 Keep Your Tongue From Evil
August 17 Keep Sabbath Holy
August 18 Examine Yourself
August 19 For Such A Time As This
August 20 The Greatest Is Love
August 21 Righteous - A Word Study
August 22 Gifts In The Assembly
August 23 The Resurrection, Our Future, Our Hope
August 24 Death Where Is Your Sting!
August 25 He Put a New Song In My Mouth
August 26 Tribulation and Trials
August 27 Train Up A Child
August 28 Hope In God
August 29 The Ruach/Spirit Gives Life
August 30 Jars of Clay
August 31 Our Light Momentary Affliction