From The Heart Of The Rabbis

Rabbis Scott and Rabbin Deborah Brandt

Daily Teaching and Instructions To Help You In Your Daily Walk

July 1 Have You Heard The Latest?
July 2 The Name of the Lord is a High Tower
July 3 Blessed Is The Man Who Puts God First
July 4 YHVH's Anointed Moshiach Yeshua
July 5 God Is Our Shield
July 6 Are You Controlling your Anger or is it Controlling You
July 7 The Deadly Trap of Offense
July 8 Our Words Produce Death or Life
July 9 Marriage Is A Good Thing
July 10 The Rise and Fall of a King
July 11 Desire Without Knowledge is Dangerous
July 12 He Hears The Cry of The Afflicted/Humble
July 13 He Shall Build A House For Me
July 14 Wisdom In LIfe
July 15 Will You Pass The Test
July 16 The Word of God is Pure
July 17 He Who Keeps
July 18 Boast in Suffering
July 19 Who May Live on Your Holy Mountain
July 20 Listen To Godly Advise
July 21 Let Your Glory Fill Us
July 22 We Dedicate Ourselves To You
July 23 He Rescues Me From My Enemies
July 24 Who Can Seperate Us From Gods Love
July 25 His Torah Is Perfect
July 26 May Adonai Answer You
July 27 Faith Comes From Hearing The Word
July 28 Walking In Integriy
July 29 A Living Sacrifce
July 30 The Fruit of Character
July 31 Ears To Hear Eyes To See