From The Heart Of The Rabbis

Rabbis Scott and Rabbin Deborah Brandt

Daily Teaching and Instructions To Help You In Your Daily Walk

November 1 Evil Heart of Unbelief
November 2 The Word of God is Living and Active
November 3 Seek The Lord
November 4 God is Not Unjust
November 5 Melchizedek King of Righteousness
November 6 When a Land Sins
November 7 A New Sprig Planted by God
November 8 Cast Away Your Transgressions
November 9 An Eternal Covenant In Yeshua
November 10 Spiritual Corruption
November 11 Do Not Throw Away Your Confidence In God
November 12 Hebrew Hall of Faith Part 1
November 13 Hebrew Hall of Faith Part II
November 14 Hebrew Hall of Faith Part III
November 15 Root of Bitterness
November 16 The Bad Shepherds
November 17 Testing of Your Faith
November 18 Bridle The Tongue
November 19 Faith without Works is Dead
November 20 Do not Speak Evil Against One Another
November 21 The Effective Prayer of a Righteous Person
November 22 To Those Who Have Been Scattered
November 23 Once You Were Not a People
November 24 Be Thankful
November 25 I Will Not Defile Myself
November 26 The Dream
November 27 Life and Godliness
November 28 False Prophets Will Be Judged
November 29 A Thousand Years
November 30 Walking In The Light