From The Heart Of The Rabbis

Rabbis Scott and Rabbin Deborah Brandt

Daily Teaching and Instructions To Help You In Your Daily Walk

October 1 God Is My Rock and Strength
October 2 From One Shabbat To Another
October 3 I Am Watching Over My Word To Peform It
October 4 If Your Return To Me O Israel
October 5 Walking In Messiah
October 6 The Fullness of Deity
October 7 Clothe Yourselves in This
October 8 The Idols of the World are Nothing
October 9 Atone For Our Sins
October 10 Oh God Restore Us
October 11 Jeremiah Nuggets
October 12 We Are Not In Darkness
October 13 A Word Fitly Spoken
October 14 My Soul Yearns For Adonai
October 15 Righteousness and Peace Kiss
October 16 The Law is Good if Used Lawfully
October 17 Thre Is A Hope For Your Future Israel
October 18 Leadership Qualifications
October 19 In The Later Days
October 20 Dont' Muzzle The Ox
October 21 Godliness With Contentment
October 22 The Secret Place of The Most High
October 23 Do Not Quarrel About Words
October 24 In The Last Days
October 25 Let Us Sing Unto The Lord
October 26 Appoint Elders In Every City
October 27 God Executes Rightousness and Justice
October 28 Remind People to...
October 29 I Walk with Integrity of Heart
October 30 He Upholds The Universe
October 31 Bless The Lord O My Soul